HB Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC

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At HB Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC it’s our mission to free up your time and increase your revenue by providing invaluable support to you and your clients. We help the legal community through legal nurse consulting services that assess adherence to standards and guidelines of practice in medical cases.

As patient care providers with more than 75 years of combined experience, we have the expertise and know-how required to help you properly assess your case. From interpreting medical language and locating expert witnesses to providing medical education, we’re here to help wherever and whenever you need us.

Why HB Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC?


We’re comfortable working within the communication platform of your choice.


At a lower rate than hiring a physician, we
can help you fortify your case.


We have over seven decades of combined
experience in healthcare.


We are detail oriented by nature, enabling
us to quickly identify and organize


Availability of unlimited professional CLNC™ services to you and your team when needed.


As patient advocates we place compassion
at the center of our services.